More Top 10 Halloween Movies

Back by popular demand more Halloween movies that I love to watch during the spooky season. The movies might have changed but the plans haven’t; good movies,  good friends, good food, and good beer. The only essentials you need in life and on Halloween. 🙂

1. Leprechaun (1993) : Much more laughable than horrific, but still a good Halloween movie. An old man returns from Ireland after stealing a leprechaun’s gold, of course the leprechaun fallows him home and wants his gold back. Flash forward a couple of years the leprechaun still doesn’t have his gold, and a new family is living in the home of the old man. The family finds the gold and wakes up the leprechaun, only to find out that the leprechaun will go to great lengths to get his gold back, even kill for it!

2. Tales from the Darkside: The Movie (1990) : This tale is actually four stories in one. The first is actually a little boy trapped in a witches house getting ready to be prepared for dinner. To stall the witch from eating him he tells her three tales. The first tale he tells the witch is about a couple of college students who manage to reanimate a mummy. The mummy isn’t to happy about being woken up so he decides to go and kill everyone who had a hand in his reanimation. The second story told by the little boy is one of my favorites. It is about an old man and an evil cat. The cat manages to kill off his two sisters and the old man begins to fear that he is next. He’s tried everything to get rid of the evil cat, but nothing works. So he finally hires a professional hitman to do away with the cat. Will the hitman come out on top or will it turn out to be a giant catastrophe? The third and final story is about an aspiring artist who witness a murder by a gargoyle. In exchange for his life the gargoyle makes the man promise that he will never tell what he had seen, or else the gargoyle will come back to kill him. The man promises, but he is constantly tortured with the secret that he is hiding. So instead of revealing his secret to someone he makes gargoyle art. When questioned about where he gets his inspiration from he always has no comment. Does he value his life enough to keep the gargoyles promise? You must watch to find out. Once the three stories are told the story of the little boy and witch is wrapped up. Will the little boy be the dinner of honor or will he make it out alive?

3. Bride of  Re-Animator (1990) : Although I did love Re-Animator, I like this one a bit more because of a few of the creatures that Dr. West creates. Including putting bat wings on deceased Dr. Hills head! Dr. West’s colleague, Dr. Cain, girlfriend has died. They decide to re-animate Dr. Cains dead girlfriend using her heart all while building her the “perfect” body from other deceased female body parts. What makes it so convenient for Dr. West and Dr. Cain is that the house that Dr. West is renting is right next to a cemetery. So they have a plethora of dead female bodies to dismember and sew back together as they please. Will Dr. Cain and Dr. West re-animate the woman of their dreams?

4. Young Frankenstein (1974) : Not a scary movie at all, unless you’re Homer Simpson. But still a movie that I love to watch around Halloween. Dr. Frankenstein dies and leaves his castle to his grandson, Dr. Frankenstein. While completely denying his grandfathers experiments in the reanimation of dead tissue, he still must go to Transylvania to lawfully receive his grandfathers castle. While there the young Dr. Frankenstein re-reads his grandfathers notes and realizes that the reanimation of dead tissue is possible. He starts some new experiments trying to duplicate what his grandfather had done. Of course the towns people of Transylvania aren’t to happy about it once they find out what the young doctor is doing. They try to stop him, all while the young doctor is trying to teach the monster he created to be more civilized. This movie puts a great twist on the original Mary Shelley tale of Frankenstein.

5. The Keep (1983) : A pretty eerie movie, although the special effects are sub par to today’s standards the movie still sets a pretty eerie tone. The movie is set in an old Romanian village during WWII. The Nazi Wehrmacht are sent to control the Dinu Mountain Pass, also while guarding a citadel that is said to have very strong supernatural powers. A dangerous entity is unleashed in the castle by two treasure-seeking troops. This entity known as Radu Molasar, begins to devour the Nazi troops souls. Another Nazi detachment known as the Einsatzkommandos, is sent to the citadel to find out why the other troops are dying. The actions of the Einsatzkommandos only enrages Radu Molasar and fuels his lust for blood causing more troops to die in bizarre and gruesome ways. The Nazi troops are duped by a local priest to bring in a Jewish History Professor and his daughter, to help them figure out what is killing their troops. Radu Molasar ends up saving the priests daughter from a sexual assault by two of the troops and tries to trick the priest to let him out of the keep. Will the priest unwittingly help the demon escape from the keep?

6. Pumpkinhead (1988) : A country store keeper’s son is accidentally killed by a group of visiting city kids. Because this is the man’s only son, he becomes enraged and enlists the help of an evil old witch. He has the witch conjure up a disgusting looking demon known as Pumpkinhead to teach the city kids a lesson. Before he realizes what the witch has released on the world, Pumpkinhead begins killing off the teens that accidentally killed his son. The storekeeper begins to feel guilty for having this demon released on the city kids and tries to help them defeat the demon. While trying to figure out how to end Pumpkinheads wrath he is continually tormented, through the eyes of Pumpkinhead, by the death of the teens he is trying to help.

7. The Dead Next Door (1989) : After the world is ravaged by a zombie plague, the government creates the Zombie Squad. The Zombie Squad is tasked with going to Ohio to find a cure for the zombie epidemic. While in Ohio they run into a cult of zombie lovers who are saving the zombies and feeding the zombies. The cult believes that they are allowing a new world to be developed because it is gods will. While fighting the zombies and the evil zombie cult one of the members of the Zombie Squad is bitten. Will the other members be able to find the cure in time to save their colleague?

8. Killer Klowns from Outer Space (1988) : This movie is more hilarious than creepy. A bunch of aliens come from outer space to terrorize a small town. The only problem is none of the locals take them seriously because the aliens are disguised as clowns. The aliens weapons even look like clown weapons. Only a few of the young people in town find out the aliens secret and try to tell the towns people, but no one believes them.  When the young people’s friends are kidnapped and put in  bizarre cotton candy cocoons by the aliens, it is up to them to save their friends.

9. Slither (2006) : After a meteorite lands in a small town it releases a worm like alien. The worm begins to infect the towns people turning them into zombies and mutants. A local policeman and the wife of the first man who was infected try to figure out a way to stop the worm from infecting other people and from spreading. They come to find out that the task is a little more than they can handle. They find out the plan of the alien worm is to completely infect the earth and destroy the human race to make room for their species. Will the policeman and the locals be able to stop the infection before it spreads?

10. From Dusk Till Dawn (1996) : Two criminal brothers are on a crime spree in Texas. They must make it to Mexico to pay off a local king pin so they can hide out in Mexico. On the way to Mexico they take hostage a vacationing  family of three traveling in a Winnebago. The two brothers and the family manage to sneak their way into Mexico. They go to a very seedy strip bar where they must wait for the brothers contact. While at the strip bar they find out that the place is actually a vampire hideout. When the vampires began feasting on some of the patrons of the bar, the family, the two brothers, and a few of the bar patrons begin to combat the evil vampires. The two brothers must survive from dusk till dawn to meet up with their Mexican contact. Will they be able to survive?

Have fun enjoying these movie picks… don’t get to scared!

-Jake L.-



4 thoughts on “More Top 10 Halloween Movies

  1. I love Young Frankenstein & Dusk Til Dawn. Here are some of my favorites in no particular order:

    1. Creepshow (1982)
    2. Psycho (1960)
    3. Shaun of the Dead (2004)
    4. Poltergeist (1982)
    5. Halloween III – Season of the Witch (1982)
    6. Thir13en Ghosts (2001)
    7. Hellraiser (1987)
    8. Lost Boys (1987)
    9. Children of the Corn (1984)
    10. Dawn of the Dead – (both 1978 & 2004)
    11. The Fly (1986)
    12. Silent Hill (2006)
    13. Texas Chainsaw Massacre (1974) is the scariest movie in the world to me.

  2. I do love your list Miss Sabrina! Some movies I personally cannot go without during Halloween time are your basic cult classics including the original, Halloween, Friday the 13th, and Nightmare on Elm street. No matter how many times I have seen them in the past, I can always catch something new I never noticed before.
    Other movies that get me in the mood to be scared include ….
    1) IT
    2) The Amittyville Horror (Original perferred, newer one not too bad.)
    3) The Puppet Master
    4) Prom Queen
    5) Pet Cemetary
    This is what I got so far for you!

    It seems like we all agree so far that the majority of scary movies are old school!

    • I was so going to add Puppetmaster and Amityville Horror! Nice choices! I think I know what I am doing this Halloween weekend! Curling up with some popcorn and picking a few of these for a horror movie marathon!

  3. Check out my friend Twobitme’s Blog on Favorite Scary movies. This is an excellent list you don’t want to miss!

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