Rammstein at Madison Sqaure!

I have long been a huge fan of the band Rammstein. When Du Hast became popular via the radio, I was busy listening to their better less known hits. I have always wanted to see them live in concert. But I have only been able to watch their concerts on dvd via  Live Aus Berlin, Volkerball, and the Lichtspielhaus dvd; but that is just not enough Rammstein for me. So when I heard from a friend of a friend, before it was even publicly announced, that they were going to finish their 2010 tour in New York City at Madison Square Garden in December, I had to go. Since this is their only concert in America since 2001, I didn’t even think twice about going to New York. From my understanding because the New York tickets sold out in 30 minutes, Rammstein is considering a United States tour in the near future. You gotta believe that I will be going to one of those if they come anywhere near Chicago. I will bring back an update of the Madison Square Garden show when I return from the concert on December 14th.

Not only are Rammstein’s lyrics intriguing and their music powerful, but their on stage performance and pyrotechnics totally blows me away. From exploding drum sticks to the lead singer lighting himself on fire, Rammstein is a must see band in concert. Check out the video that I added of their performance of Feuer Frei! live in Nimes, France. I love the flamethrower masks that they put on! Can anyone say useful for zombie apocalypse?

-Jake L.-


2 thoughts on “Rammstein at Madison Sqaure!

  1. Awesome post! Can’t wait to hear your review of the show after your trip!

  2. I will be sure to post all the juicy details of the concert and the NYC trip!!!!!

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