Top 10 Horror TV Shows

One of my favorite things to do is watch TV shows on DVD.  My friend and I have marathon sessions of a show, watching back-to-back episode to episode, season to season. I love the instant gratification of not having to wait a week to see the new one. Sure, sometimes that makes me a season behind or I discover a series years later, but I love the ritual none-the-less.  I am sad when the show is over, but thankfully, there’s always another one to start watching! Here are some of my favorite shows either from childhood or now. Some are categorized as Fantasy/Horror.

1. Buffy

I. Love. Buffy. Buffy Summers moves to Sunnydale, becomes best friends with Willow and Xander. Together with her Watcher, Giles, the scooby gang dust vamps, fight the Big Bad each season and save the world (a few times).  Complete with romance and heartbreak, this is highly recommended if you’ve never seen it before.  Buffy & Angel were the original Bella & Edward.  Most episodes make you laugh, some make you cry, and some are creepy.

2. Outer Limits

There is an episode of the Outer Limits that scares me to this day. Season 6, Episode 8. Simon Says.  After a tragedy, a man builds a robot with the mind of his son. This idea is as good as it sounds. Chilling.

3. Tales From the Darkside

My brother, cousin, and I would watch Tales From the Darkside with our grandma while we would all stay up late, eating ice cream. These are some of my fondest childhood memories. I can still hear the theme song in my head. You should listen to it, too.  I can still remember certain episodes of this collection of random tales of horror.

4. Tales From the Crypt

More chilling tales. These are for the more mature viewer since they were on HBO. I can’t even think about this show or the Crypt Keeper without hearing his maniacal cackle.

5.  Friday the 13th

Another childhood favorite, about cursed Antique items. The owners of the shop have to find the collectible causing harm.

6. Carnivale

One of my absolute top 5 all-time favorites regardless of genre. A traveling carnival in the dustbowl of America in 1934. It’s the epic battle of good and evil. The characters, costumes, and sets are phenomenal. Unfortunately,  the show was cut short. It was written for 6 seasons but ends at 2 seasons.

7. Millennium

Frank Black, played by the amazing Lance Hedriksen, can go inside the minds of killers and joins the Millennium Group to help solve mysterious cases.  By Chris Carter,  creator of the X Files.

8. Dexter

Blood splatter pattern specialist for the Miami Metro Police Department, and serial killer of bad men who deserve justice, Dexter Morgan has you rooting for him.

9. Twilight Zone

Classic tales of the strange and odd.

10. True Blood

Everyone I know loves barmaid and mind-reader Sookie and yet another twist on vampires, True Blood.

-Sabrina S.


5 thoughts on “Top 10 Horror TV Shows

  1. True blood and buffy!

  2. I love to do the back to back shows too, it’s so addictive!

  3. That’s one delightful list of shows you’ve got there woman! Buffy…remember watching “The Body”, when Willow has her meltdown changing clothes…we had one right along with her!! And it doesn’t get much better than Carnivale. Ahhh. Good times 😉

  4. We have had many late nights just trying to get “Just one more” episode in. Of course, I remember “The Body” meltdown. Remember how creeped out we were (and still are) by The Gentlemen in “Hush”? I still want more of Carnivale!

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