Spotlight on Natalie Portman

I, like many others, think that Natalie Portman is going to get an Oscar for Black Swan, her darkest role, yet.  I feel that she is one of the greatest actresses out there. I had a hunch way back when I saw Beautiful Girls that she was definitely going to be something great. Her roles prove that she has range. Who can forget her rap on SNL?

If you missed any of these, check them out!

Beautiful Girls Natalie plays Marty the young girl next door.

Star Wars I-III as Queen Amidala/Padme

Garden State – I love the classic scene with Sam listening to the Shins.  I had this soundtrack on repeat for months!

Closer – Infidelity affects two couples.

V for Vendetta – Another of my top Sci-fi films. Freedom Forever!

Hotel Chevalier/Darjeeling Limited – I love Wes Anderson’s films. All of them.

Other Boleyn Girl – Natalie as Anne Boleyn

Black Swan – Nina Sayers competes for the role of her life.

Natalie has 3 more movies to be released this year. I’m rooting for you Natalie!!



3 thoughts on “Spotlight on Natalie Portman

  1. I forgot she was in “Darjeeling Limited”! But yes I must say I knew she was something special when I first saw her in “The Professional”. I can’t articulate how or why but I recognized that she had a great depth and maturity for only 12/13 and that she would be around for a while and become the rising star she eventually became. It’s just one of those uncanny feelings you get with certain actors for some reason.

    • Exactly, I was going to mention that other people told me that same thing about her in The Professional! It’s one of those things, star quality, some actors have. Either you have it or you don’t. She does!

  2. Natalie won the Golden Globe for Best Actress!

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