iPhone (Coming to Verizon) or Droid?

Update:1.11.11 It’s official. Verizon iPhone will be here in February! This is an exciting day for many Verizon customers who have waited YEARS!

Just a quick note, I still stand by my Droid X. I’ve had it for 4 months and am very attached to it. A few of my iPhone-owning friends played around with the Droid and commented that it was easy to use, moreso than the iPhone, and that the internet connection for browsing was FAST. Whichever you choose, I am sure you will be satisfied.

iPhone vs Droid X

On November 9, Verizon is supposed to announce an iconic phone that customers can purchase. Will it be the iPhone or new Droid Pro? After hearing similar rumors in the past about the iPhone coming to Verizon, then not happening, I had to decide what to do when my two-year contract was up. Should I switch to AT&T and finally get the coveted sweet, sweet iPhone? Several of my friends have them and it is such a fantastic phone (toy). I was going to take the leap. Around that time, my cousin had switched and her calls kept dropping. I remember at least twice in a 15 minute conversation. She said she wasn’t happy about that since she was sitting in her living room while this happens. Another friend of mine had just gotten the Droid 2. (Similar to the Droid X, but has the actual keyboard instead of touch screen) She was so happy with it, she proclaimed her love for her phone 3 times on facebook during the first week that she got it. I started looking at the Droid 2 and Droid X online.

I was starting to sway. I decided when I could get the rebate and discount for the upgrade because my two year contract was fulfilled. I saw the Droid X in person. Yes, it’s bigger than the iphone, by about half an inch on top and half an inch on the bottom. But I like that screen. I didn’t mind since, hey I wasn’t going to have both phones in my hand at the same time. (I have to say, after getting used to the size of my phone, when a friend saw it she repeated, “That’s big, that’s really big.” I thought the opposite, those iphones look a bit small to me now) So, I went with it. I am happy that I did.  I love being able to check the internet, facebook, twitter, email, and more from my phone. There are tons and tons of apps! I have had my Droid X for almost 2 months and I am still discovering new things to do. I recommend searching the internet for questions you may have because there are forums out there and someone probably has had that same question and answered it. I like to watch youtube videos for even more tips and tricks. I do get asked about the touch screen keyboard. Do I like it? Is it hard to use? I haven’t had a problem with it. A smartphone guesses what you are trying to type and you can select the correctly spelled word. There is a “Swype” keyboard feature that you can change it to, that you can drag your finger to each letter instead. I haven’t tried yet, but watched that feature demonstrated on a video.

Another co-worker, Chris,  got his Droid 2 yesterday. He wanted to use web functions when on the go, especially email and gps. He chose the Droid 2 because of the physical keyboard. He said it’s easy to use and there’s a lot to learn. He’s happy with it!

If the iPhone does come to verizon, I will consider it after my contract is up. I went back into the store after I got my phone and talked to a manager who had the Droid X as well. We were talking about what apps we like and how much we liked that phone that there’s a very good chance that we would stick with our Droids. I am aways looking for fun apps. Mashable has listed 60+ Awesome Android apps, including top camera apps, health apps, and more. Personally, I asked my friends and fellow droid owners and here is what they are using:

  • FourSquare
  • SparkPeople (for keeping track of diet and exercise)
  • Cardio Trainer
  • Aroundme (good for finding restaurants,banks,movies and more)
  • Camera Apps: Vignette and/or Retro Camera

For fun, check out the Evolution of Cell Phone Design Between 1983 – 2009.


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