ARRR! Learn Pirate Parlay online In Time for Halloween!

Belay yer carousin’ and haul wind smartly!

For the land lubbers thinking of taking up the pirate mantle, you will definitely need to learn how to belay your enemies and court the comely lasses. The best way to do this is enroll in the free Mango Languages Pirate language course!

Although there may be a fair bit o’ swag to be said for Pirate translation tools (We recommend this Pirate to English translation website), nothing helps a mate out like parlaying a new language at your own pace.

You’ll also pick up on pirate culture, slang, and learn just how serious it is to ‘blow a man down!’

So, be ye ready fer some swashbucklin’?

Grab your library card (you’ll need it, matey!) and visit our website at  Use your mouse to hover over the Resources tab at the top of the page.  Hover over ‘Databases’ -> ‘Alphabetical’ and left click on ‘H-P’.

Scroll down the page and left click on Mango Languages

Fill out the New Member Registration Form.  In a few steps, you’re ready to go!

Take advantage of this valuable pirate commodity!  Mango’s Pirate Language course runs through November 1, 2011!

If you’re not a Fountaindale Library patron, contact your local library and ask about Mango Languages.  There are over 20 different language courses available.  In addition to pirate, you can learn Spanish, French, German, Japanese, Irish, Russian, Urdu, Hindi and many more!  Don’t delay, and ask for Mango Languages today!

So, will ye be successful in your pirate parlay?

ARRR!  See you at the Library!



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