Top 10 iPhone Apps – Part 1

Many people have smart phones in today’s world. Many of the smart phones come with an App store. Whether it’s Android, Apple, or Windows most of the smartphones now give you access to many different Apps that you can purchase or sometimes get for free. I currently own an iPhone and this short concise list will go through a few Apps that have helped me out and that I think others would enjoy.

1. MovieScanner – Price: $2.99


By far MovieScanner is the number one App that I use. I thought $2.99 was kind of pricey at first, but this App has paid for itself. I am a big movie buff and have so many different movies that I wanted a way to catalog all those movies to keep track of all the different titles. This App is great because you can not only manually enter movie titles, you can scan the UPC code and it will fill in as much information about the title that it can. I use this all the time because if I am at a store I can always see what movies I own, just in case I see a title I want to purchase. I also use it if a friend wants to borrow a movie from me, with this App I can mark any specific title as Lending and I can make a note as to who I have lended it to. Entering a lot of movie titles in can be time-consuming, but once you have your movie collection already in there it’s always easy to add new titles. So far I have 227 movies added, but I still have a lot more to go.

 2. Kindle by Amazon – Price: Free

 I am constantly using my Amazon Kindle App. I already have about 50 titles and I am getting new ones each day. This App has been great because of all the good books that Amazon releases. The best part is I haven’t paid a cent for any of the books that I have on my Kindle App and I didn’t have to purchase an expensive Kindle either. Amazon releases free books daily in their “Best Sellers” section of the Kindle store. They list the 100 top paid best sellers as well as the 100 top free best sellers. I always look everyday, because one day a book might be free and the next day you might have to pay for it. I have many classics as well as many cook books. I love looking through the cook books, many times I can get great recipes out of them.

 3. iLlumination US – Universal Flashlight – Price: Free

 I was very skeptical about downloading this app, I was unsure if I would ever want to use my phone as a flashlight. Believe it or not I have used this app more than I ever thought I was going to. The app comes with four different flashlight functions: Flashlight, Tap Mode, Strobe, and Morse Code. Flashlight is basically just a flashlight, it uses the light that is the flash for the iPhone camera, except it stays on for as long as you need a handy flashlight. Tap Mode is basically for signaling, if you know Morse Code you can actually tap your own message to signal someone. Strobe is exactly what it sounds like, you can set up your phone to act as a strobe light. With the strobe feature you can set the speed at which the light will blink on and off. Last is the Morse Code option, it’s just like Tap Mode but instead of the user having to know Morse Code the user can just type a quick message and the light will blink in Morse Code according to whatever message you have typed in at that time. This is a very handy app if you need a flashlight right away when no one else has one.

4. FlashDrive – USB&Bluetooth&Email File Sharing – Price: $0.99

The FlashDrive App has saved me more times than I can count. There’s been so many times that I have been over at a friend’s house and they wanted to give me some kind of awesome program or video, but I never had a flash drive on me. All I would have to do is plug my phone into their computer and if they had iTunes installed I could have access to an instant flash drive on my phone. I have used this so many times at work also, there’s always some kind of file I need to bring home from work and of course I never have a flash drive handy, all I have to do is hook my phone up to a work computer and I have an instant flash drive storage right on my iPhone. The FlashDrive App allows you to use any free memory on your iPhone. This app also allows you to transfer files via email, USB, or Bluetooth. This is a great app to have for a person on the go and doesn’t carry a flash drive with them.

5. SoundHound – Price: Free

 SoundHound is one of my most favorite Apps, next to MovieScanner. I am not only a big movie junkie, I like various types of music also. SoundHound is great for identifying songs that you hear that you might not know who the title or artist is. SoundHound will find the information for you just by “listening” to the song and it can give you the artist name, the title of the song and album, where you can find it on iTunes, as well as the lyrics so you can sing along if you want. I have found so much more music with this App, just recently I was at a graduation party and heard a remix of a song I like and was able to find out the artist that did the remix as well as the song title and the album that the song was on. This App has been very useful and I use it all the time.

The Apps that I listed are the ones that I use all the time, pretty much on a daily basis. Please keep reading our XmeetsY blog to see part 2 of Top 10 iPhone Apps.



One thought on “Top 10 iPhone Apps – Part 1

  1. Never used the MovieScan app, I’ll have to check that one out.

    If you want to expand your list, check out for apps for iPhone and iPad.

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