Nintendo 3DS Software Part-1

It has been a year since the release of the Nintendo 3DS and many of you may have had come upon the game system. I decided to talk about my experience with the Nintendo 3DS. I purchased mine when it first came out paying the $250 dollars for it and did not purchase any games since there were not any games that  interested me in the meantime. In the meantime I used the other applications of the built-in software and actually had fun using it.

The first thing you may notice is that the Nintendo 3DS has 3 cameras (two outside and one inside). The two outside cameras allow you to take 3D pictures! Once you have your pictures you can also add more special effects all in 3D. The effects are really ranged and can go from simple colors to puppy paws and hearts, or even allowing you to select depth in the picture allowing you some amazing 3D effects. Another amazing feature about the Nintendo 3DS camera is that it allows you to take up to 10 minutes of 3D Video! You cannot really make changes to your short film but you can control how fast or how slow you show your projects to your friends.

Moving on to a different feature we have the Nintendo 3DS sound which is a Music player. You can record and edit sounds but it limits you to 10 seconds. Otherwise you will need to provide your own music and save it on the SD card that comes included from the system. You may have to convert your files from MP3 to AAC format to be able to play your music. Whenever you play your files you are given the option of using one of the different 8 animations that go along the music. Some of them are even minigames that keep your score! My favorite ones are the game and watch skin which let you play an old school game and I also like the excite bike skin where two bikes go along the tracks of your music is quite funny to see them move along the tracks of your favorite music and even fall if the beat is too fast.

The Mii Maker application allows you to create your own Mii avatar. This little guy will take the shape or looks you desire if you decide to customize him or you can take a picture with the camera inside of your face and the Mii Maker will create a Mii as close as the image provided. Most of the time it creates a full replica on others it just misses a couple of features but nonetheless is pretty fun creating avatars of your family or friends. You can also create a QR code and share your Mii with your friends. Best of all your Mii or Miis can be used on different games. Which takes us to the next application.

The Mii Plaza my favorite of all the built-in software. The Mii Plaza like its name implies is for your main Mii character. At first you will not find many things to do but when you go take a walk to the mall, maybe the park, or even the library if you come across with someone with a 3DS both systems will sync and share their Miis. Next time you open your Mii Plaza a new guest will have arrived bringing gifts for your Mii. You can receive up to 10 guest at a time and once they arrive to your plaza they will give you a piece of a puzzle for a small minigame. Once you complete the puzzle you will unlock the image in 3D which is a really nice feature. So far I have only completed one puzzle and I am about to complete another one. The Miis you meet they will also take part of a small and hilarious Role playing adventure called Save Mii. In this mini game your Mii is a king that has been kidnapped and its up to your friends you meet to rescue you defeating several type of enemies with sword attacks or magic. The game moments are pretty quirky and funny and at sometimes it can be tough to advance to a different floor because the monsters get stronger or have a lot of hit points. But a good tip is that if you meet the same Mii again their power raises and makes going to the next level easier. To keep you playing the mini game rewards you with several hats that you can use for your Mii my favorite one is the Cap used by Link from the Legend of Zelda.

The built-in game AR Games it’s a pretty simple but fun application that allows you to play games using your surroundings! Pretty much the whole world is your gaming field using AR cards and the Nintendo 3DS camera. With the character cards you can put the Nintendo Characters anywhere either your notebook, maybe on top of an apple or even in a diorama and take a picture of them. The best card of all in my opinion is the question mark card. This one will create mini games for you where you actually move around the card to either shot targets, find clues and more!

The library does offer many games for the Nintendo 3DS check our catalog to see our games!Keep reading XMeetsY for the second part of the Nintendo 3DS Built in Software.

– J.R.-


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