Top 5 Zombie Games

With so many games to play I have found out that I am actually fascinated to the ones that include zombies. I was checking my collection of games that I have played so far  and I wanted to talk about my top 5 Zombie Games. Let the feast begin. Braaaaiiiinnnnssss!.

5. Plan vs. Zombies

This game is pretty fun, goofy, and highly addictive. The premise of this game is to defend your house by planting different plants with different abilities to take care of the horde of zombies. The game is really colorful and not really creepy making it perfect for all the gamers in the family.  You will defend your game in several locations of your house from the front yard, backyard l, and the roof. Each one of the levels requires different strategies and you will also meet exclusive zombies for each level. You can also unlock several mini games some of them resembling other popular titles from Pop Cap. Have you ever played bowling with zombies? Well you can in this game 😀

4. Age of zombies

Meet Barry Steakfries the most awesome time traveler/zombie killer you will ever meet. You will travel through time to defeat a mad scientist and his creations. With Barry you will travel through 5 different time periods (6 levels on some devices) to exterminate the zombies of each time period. All the locations vary from the age of the caveman, the 1930s, Egypt, Japan, The future with robot zombies, and on some devices they have access to the Wild West.  Throughout your time traveling adventure you will find power ups which include several weapons, secondary weapons, sentry guns, force fields or speed up buffs, and the occasional extra life. I love that they made a tribute to the Fonz from Happy days because when you pick up a power up in the 1930s level you can hear the famous Aaaaeeeyyy! Plus one of the power ups you can find is the awesome hover board from the Back to the Future Film.

3.  House of the Dead: Overkill

I have been a fan of the House of the dead games and used to put a lot of quarters for this game at the arcade. When the House of the Dead: Overkills was released for the Wii I just had to get it. I am actually glad I did because this game has made me laugh so hard at the crude humor, the really awkward and hilarious script. You will play Agent G who is not related to the previous Agent G of the games. Your sidekick will be Detective Isaac Washington a really foulmouthed character. I have never played a game where a F-bomb is dropped in every single level especially for a Nintendo console. As you progress in the game you will meet allies, new zombies, and really interesting bosses. The only complain I can find is that in some levels the game seems to “freeze” or slow down to a crawl. Other than that the game is pretty good. I have seen it has also been released for the PS3 but have not had the chance to try it out. One things is for sure this game is not really for kids as it is classified M for mature.

2. Call of duty Black Ops Zombies.

I was pretty excited when they announced the zombie mode will be back after its release on World at War. Better yet the maps from World at War are available including some new maps, characters, and weapons. You will control one of twelve different characters, eight of them available on two especial levels . Each character has their own personality and appearance but the all play the same. But the most interesting feature is that when playing with several characters they interact with funny dialogue. The game does not offer a direct story scattered through the level there many tape recorders hinting the player of how everything started. The best addition to the levels I would say it’s the Easter eggs. If you find all the especial Items that are scattered through the levels you will unlock an amazing song. The game starts quite easy but as you progress it will get really tough and you will run out of ammo pretty quick. One of the most amazing additions was adding George A. Romero granddaddy of the zombies as the main boss on the Call of the Dead level. One more thing I am happy of the Call of Duty zombies Black ops is the addition of Dead Ops Arcade an arcade style shooter pretty much like the Age of Zombies game with view on top. The premise is the same survive until the round is over move to a new map and collect treasure and weapons for more score.

  1. Left 4 Dead/Left 4 Dead 2

I am a huge fan of the Left 4 Dead series. When it first came out I was surprised at the idea of having four people helping you survive a long level infested of zombies.  Plus you do require teamwork to be able to pass a level. The characters you will take control of are the survivors Zoey, Francis, Louis, and Bill Left 4 Dead. On Left 4 Dead 2 you will be able to control Rochelle, Nick, Coach, and Ellis. The player always start at a safe place where there is ammo, weapons, and a health kit but after opening the door that keeps you safe all chaos is set loose. The reason of this is because of the “director” the Artificial intelligence controlling everything in the game. Sometimes it will be really generous to the player offering weapons and recovery items at early points of the game. On other times it makes the player suffer by spawning many infected or even worse spawning both a Witch and a Tank two of the most powerful infected in the game . The infected are pretty easy to dispatch but can be quite deadly in numbers. But what makes this game different of others is the addition of especial infected zombies. This especial infected are the Hunter, Smoker, Boomer, Tank, Spitter, Jockey, Charger, and Witch all of them with unique attacks that make more damage than a regular infected.  The replay value is really high as it is never the same when you play a level thanks to the Director making it the best zombie game I have ever played.

So here it is the top 5 Zombie games  I have played so far hopefully it woke your appetite for brains. Please comment and let me know what are your favorite zombie games.



4 thoughts on “Top 5 Zombie Games

  1. Are you guys still meeting? If so, where, when and what’s the book?

    • Hi, the X Meets Y book club is still meeting on the third Saturday of the month at Bar Louie at the Bolingbrook Promenade. Meeting time is 2 p.m. Please let us know if you have any additional questions. You can call the Adult & Teen Services Information Desk at 630-685-4176 for further details. – Tony Lucarelli, Emerging Technologies Librarian

  2. Great list. Do you know of a Zombie mod for MW3? Cause that would be amazing. I don’t have Black Ops, but might have to after learning about this mod. Thanks.

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