Yoga for everyone, even if you’re not a human pretzel!

Perhaps you’re completely new to yoga but have heard all about the benefits of the ancient practice (stress relief, good posture, and improvement of muscle tone to name a few), or perhaps, like me, you’ve enjoyed yoga for a while but have struggled a few times to make it a part of your daily routine. Third time’s the charm, right? Or tenth, that’s cool too. Wherever you are on the yogi spectrum, the library has a great collection of yoga DVDs to use in the comfort of your home. As with any exercise program, be sure to consult a physician before starting.
Basic Yoga Workout for Dummies is split into two workouts: beginner and intermediate. The twelve postures, or asanas, you learn in the beginner segment of the DVD are common poses that you will see in any other yoga DVD or class. I loved that the instructor provided modifications of various poses in case you’d like to challenge yourself or if you’d like a more basic version to meet your physical capabilities. Throughout the beginner practice, you will hear some sound effects whenever a warning, tip, myth buster, jargon alert, or remember icon appears. Honestly, I found these sound effects a bit off-putting, but they do provide some really important information that you will want to know as you transition into each pose.

In the intermediate workout, you will learn a sun salutation which includes postures that use breath and movement together. This portion does not have sound effects. It moves a bit faster than the beginner workout, but after you’ve learned your basics, the sun salutation will be fairly easy to follow. All in all, this is a great introduction to yoga for those trying it for the first time.
{Place Basic Yoga Workout for Dummies on hold here}

Rodney Yee and Mariel Hemingway lead you through four 15-minute segments in 15-Minute Results: Yoga that focus on specific areas of the body – upper body toning, lower body sculpting, abdominal strengthening, and total body conditioning. 15 minutes of yoga is perfect for those of us with busy lives so that we can hit the mat and be out the door in almost no time at all. These compact workouts are a bit more fast paced, much like the sun salutation in Basic Yoga Workout for Dummies, but are definitely not lacking in benefits you’d gain from a longer workout. As Rodney and Mariel will tell you, 15 minutes is better than none at all!

ImageAfter doing Kundalini Yoga to Detox and Destress with Maya Fiennes I felt incredibly relaxed and rejuvenated. Kundalini is different from Hatha yoga, the most common practice in the West — think downward facing dog, tree, and other postures that you’d learn in Basic Yoga Workout for Dummies or in 15-Minute Results: Yoga. With Kundalini yoga, you might not experience much in regards to toning and strengthening. Instead, expect a bit of chanting and a lot of breathing techniques accompanied by Maya’s own ethereal music. I’ll admit, there are some movements that may seem weird at first, but but the results are so worth it. Maya explains what each movement is doing to cleanse and detox your body. I loved this DVD so much that I went out and got my own copy!

Be sure to check out these yoga DVDs and many others at the library!
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