Would You Rather Review

would-you-rather-2012-poster01Would You Rather is a horror movie about a young woman living with her sick brother struggling to make ends meet.  She accepts a dinner invitation from the wealthy Lambrick family under the pretense of having a chance to change her life by simply playing a game.  Unfortunately for her and the seven other guests, Mr. Lambricks game isn’t as harmless as advertised.  As can be gleaned from the title, the guests end up playing a harrowing game of Would You Rather, with rounds increasing in intensity as the night goes on and players drop out.

I thought Would You Rather was relatively entertaining.  The acting was OK, I can’t really point at anything and say it was specifically bad but you won’t be blown away by anyone’s acting chops on the other hand.  The characters aren’t too interesting, no one really has a standout personality or significant character development. I have a hard time remembering any of the other guests besides the main protagonist.  They’re given little to no backstory outside of an initial introduction when they all arrive.  Outside of maybe three characters you don’t find out what’s going on in their lives and why they’re in need of Lambricks charity.

The story was average as well, a bunch of guests get tricked and taken advantage of by a rich sociopath.  It’s a formula that’s been done before and Would You Rather brings nothing new to the field in that regard.  If you’ve any experience with horror movies this one’s fairly predictable at times.  There’s some scenes that make you cringe, such as when Lambrick has a guest slit their own eye open with a razor instead of attempting a two minute submerge in a water filled barrel.  Then there’s scenes that turn out to be unintentionally hilarious due to a dumb decision by the characters, such as when a guest takes down an armed guard, yet he decides to advance on Lambrick with a whip instead of taking the guards gun and is promptly shot dead.

Would You Rather provides a decent amount of entertainment for a night.  It brings nothing new to the genre, yet it doesn’t ruin anything as well.  It’s an alright movie that doesn’t leave an impression.




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