Truth or Dare 2017

truth or dare

Truth or Dare is a 2017 horror movie about a group of college kids caught in a harrowing game of truth or dare.  Whats starts as a fun game in a seemingly haunted house soon takes a turn for the worse.  The game continues to get more intense as otherworldly forces force them into increasingly dangerous acts.


truth or dare

Truth or Dare is a weird, yet entertaining movie.  The plot is just sort of there.  There is no build up or explanation for why things are happening the way they are.  The group starts a game of truth or dare in what local legends say is a haunted house and later on they encounter someone who played years before who just refers to it as “the evil.”  Thats all the explanation the movie gives over whats happening.  The rules of the game change and I can’t tell if its the evil force just messing with them or because of inconsistent writing.  For instance, when given a truth the first girl lies and the evil just calls her a liar and thats it, yet later on when another girl lies just as the first did, shes killed by the evil force.  Another example was a dare in which two girls had to remove seven body parts in seven minutes.  The evil force interrupts them and tells the girls it has to be whole body parts when one of them cuts skin from her elbow, yet counts it when they cut tips from fingers and parts of their ears.  Also, for some reason one of the girls decides to cut off her entire foot, despite fingertips and toes being accepted.  One thing I did like was that one of the kids is smart enough to realize that the dares don’t specify who has to do them, so they can all share the dare to minimize the effects rather than having a single person do it.


This movie also had one of the most unsatisfying endings ever.  The final dare was for one of the girls to kill the other.  So they both get into a car and speed off and crash into a tree.  There’s a black screen and you can hear them both gasping for breath before the credits roll.  This ending just leaves you with questions and refuses to explain anything.  The only redeeming thing about the movie was some of the kills were pretty entertaining, and the fact that the evil followed them outside of the house and tormented them in their normal lives.  Overall, its a fairly average but ultimately forgettable movie.




One thought on “Truth or Dare 2017

  1. Yea, this movie blew

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