Terrifier Review


Terrifier is a 2017 horror slasher film.  Terrifier follows Art the Clown in his solo debut movie as he spends Halloween night tormenting three young women who were unlucky to have come across him.


Terrifier is essentially just a slasher, but what sets it apart from other slashers is Art the Clown.  Aside from Art though, this movie doesn’t really offer anything in the way of character or plot development.  Everyone is just cannon fodder for Arts rampage.  Characters do dumb things and are punished for it later on.  For instance, there’s a scene where after Art brutally murders her friend in front of her, the girl manages to stab him then after he goes down, she drops her weapon and runs off to hide.  As with any slasher ever, he gets up and comes after her again, brutally disfiguring her in return.  The plot is paper thin, killer chases victims and kills them.  That’s all there is to it.   I’m guessing the script was a few pages long at the most.  What I did like about the plot was that they did away with the common trope of a lone female who survives it all.  While there was only one female survivor, she’s horrible disfigured and becomes a psychopath killer herself as a result of the horrific night she had to endure.


Art the Clown is the best and probably only good thing about this movie.  He’s really creepy and unsettling.  He doesn’t speak, or make any noises for that matter.  Art is actually more of a mime than he is a clown but I didn’t come up with the name.  He’s essentially a much more brutal Pennywise the dancing clown placed on mute.  His costume and mannerisms, combined with the way he kills his victims makes him a very memorable villain and one of my favorite slashers.  All signs point to Art being a franchise character and I really hope that in his next outing that he can remain the character he is while having more well written protagonist to go up against.



Overall, Terrifier is a decent movie.  Although the plot and a lot of the characters were really thin and not fleshed out, I think that Art the Clown made up for a lot of it.  I love the eighties cinematography style that it’s filmed in, it gives it more of a grindhouse slasher type of feel even though it’s a new movie.  That said, there is a lot of gore, and its all done with practical effects that make it look great.  Terrifier is a good movie that could be a great movie with a little improvement on the paper thin plot.




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