After being framed and unjustly fired from his job in a corporate law office, Derek Cho struggles to survive once the building is placed under quarantine due to a virus that strips the inhibitions from those infected.  Now Cho must fight for not just his job, but his life as the infected grow increasingly violent around him.

The good thing about this movie is that it doesn’t take itself seriously.  Its all about action and ultra violence.  Once the virus kicks in, the movie shifts into high gear and remains there until its over.  Everyone in the building is quickly infected and chaos erupts as their deepest violent impulses are finally unchained.  Steven Yuen does a great job in his role as the protagonist.  He’s charismatic and funny as he fights his way up to the top floor of the building to get revenge on his corrupt boss.  The rest of the cast give pretty good performances as well, some tended to be over the top though.

One thing that didn’t make sense to me though was how the board members seemed unaffected by it.  I mean they’re clearly infected as the virus turns one eye red, but that is the only thing that implies that they’re infected.  There is one board member that fights someone, but she was attacked first and responded with violence to defend herself, the rest of the board remains just as they were when introduced before being infected by the virus.

Overall, Mayhem is an average movie.  Its fun and packed with action that grabs you early and refuses to let go.  With a plot that is as generic as can be, the lead actor and the excessive violence prop this movie up more than it should be.




One thought on “Mayhem

  1. So crazy. But fun. Nice review.

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