Gale Courses – Drawing for Absolute Beginners

4057In 2015, Twitch streamed the entirety of Bob Ross’ “The Joy of Painting” to commemorate the introduction of Twitch Creative. For a bit over a week, I along with 5.6 million other viewers watched all 403 episodes of the “happy little trees” guy’s show. The absolute calmness and assuredness that Bob had in his craft was remarkable and I wanted to experience something like that in a creative outlet. Just not with all the set up and paint, that’s a lot of work. I compromised and the second day into the stream, I went out and bought a sketchbook, put pencil to paper, and started drawing.

For over a year I kept up with drawing and filled a page a day. I was happy with what I was able to create with just a bit of wood and graphite. But, life got in the way and I spent less and less time in the sketchbook and I shelved it for quite some time. Recently, I picked it up again and found I lost a lot of the fundamentals. Seeing that Gale did offer a course for drawing, I decided to try it out and see what I could pull out from it.

Each Gale course is six week long with two lessons released every week, each containing five chapters, an FAQ, short five question quiz, an assignment that could be 30 minutes of practice, a short task, or something else. It depends on how creative the instructor wants to be, but they are not graded. The only graded assignment is an open book final exam with 36 question that can only be taken only once. Get 70% of them right and you pass the course!

Drawing for the Absolute Beginner is an art course taught by Chad Walker, a concept designer and artist of several award-winning games, including “Age of Empires, “Age of Kings,” and “Age of Conquerors.” While the majority of his work assumes digital modeling and he does use digital tools during the instruction videos, the course is material agnostic. I followed along fine with just pencil and paper. I liked that the instructor was much more active on the discussion board compared to other courses. While you will need to go through the material to pass the course by Gale’s standards, the true mark of success will be your drawing. It is not required to submit anything through the board, but you will gain so much by having the instructor and others critique your work.

See the course description and syllabus for more details:

The next session starts May 15, give it a chance if you have any inclination of becoming an artist or becoming a better artist.

Recommended Books

Read this if you want to be great at drawing by Selwyn Leamy

741.2 LEA

You can sketch : a step-by-step guide for absolute beginners by Jackie Simmonds

741.2 SIM

Notes – Bob Ross on tap, forever. I do not take responsibility for anything you see in the comments. – If you feel like jumping into another course, check out Draw A Box. While there isn’t an instructor, you can submit your work for review on the subreddit or Discord server for the course.



Us Review

us poster

A family of four travels to Santa Cruz for their annual summer vacation at the mothers childhood home.  After an interesting day at the beach where they connect with friends the family heads home.  That night they find themselves under siege by four individuals, all of whom are identical to themselves.


In an era where the horror genre is over saturated with sequels, remakes, and spinoffs, Us is a welcome breath of fresh air.  Director Jordan Peele does it again as he makes a unique horror film that sets itself apart from the competition.  Us is a great film.  The acting is top-notch from all of the characters.  Each of the family members plays their counterpart as well, giving opportunity to show range.  Actress Lupita Nyong’o really displays her acting chops as she portrays main character Adelaide and her doppelgänger Red.  My favorite character in the movie was Red and her dynamic with Adelaide.  Red is believed to be the villain when it’s revealed that she had her life stolen from her by Adelaide who is actually the copy.  The attention to detail with the lives of the two women was great.  Red, having been a little girl before being forced to live underground hasn’t had the chance to use her speech in decades since none of the other copies are capable of speech.  The first time in years that she speaks is when she’s sitting across from Adelaide, her voice is broken, harsh, and pained.  With Adelaide, I liked how she’s shown to still be compassionate about the lives of Reds family because they’re copies just like she is even though she didn’t raise them.

The story is great up to around the third act where things become confusing.  After the initial scuffle with their copies, Adelaide’s family flees to their friend’s house and we see their friends family killed in their home by their copies.  This is where the movie reveals that everyone has a copy of themselves who’s out for blood and it’s kind of where things start to get a little iffy plot wise.  The copies are a result of a long abandoned government experiment underground in which they were looking to find a way to control the original humans above.  As explained in the movie, the clones and originals were linked or tethered because although the experiment could duplicate the body, it couldn’t do the same for the soul, resulting in the originals and the copies being tethered to each other as they are sharing a soul.  As a result, the copies would be forced to mimic the actions of the originals above ground.  For example, there are people riding a roller coaster on the surface, underground we see a group of tethers mimic the movements of their counterparts as if they were riding a roller coaster as well.  This connection complicates things because it doesn’t explain how the connection is broken allowing all the copies to leave the tunnels and kill their counterparts.  The copies are being forced into the mimicking actions against their will, as Red explains, they’re even forced to have families with other copies simply because their counterpart does.  It’s possible that somewhere down the line the copies figure out how to break this tether, but that isn’t really explained in the movie.

Overall, Us is a great movie.  It manages to bring new concepts and ideas to the horror genre and executes them well enough.  The acting is superb, especially from the main actress.  The story is also good and orginal.  Although, the second half of the film makes things a bit confusing, it’s still an enjoyable experience.






A King falls ill and it’s expected he will die, leaving his only son to take power after him.  Unfortunately the evil Queen and her father will do everything that they can to ensure that power falls to into their hands no matter the consequences to the region.

In an era saturated by zombie movies and TV shows, Kingdom was a breath of fresh air.  Some shows focus too much on the drama aspect while the horror takes a back seat which can lead to things being slow and boring.  Or maybe they focus entirely on the zombies leaving it with a dumbed down plot with underdeveloped characters.  Kingdom manages to balance drama and horror excellently as well as develop its characters competently.

What I liked most about the series was the setting, taking place in the past adds a whole new dimension to the genre.  Being in the past the characters are limited in what they can use to defend themselves against the zombies.  Characters spend most of their time on foot being equipped with only the most basic of weapons against a horde of fast moving zombies.   As with Train to Busan the zombies in this are fast and exciting, they swarm quickly and those killed by them are quickly resurrected in seconds.  There are also cleverly used moments of humor sprinkled throughout.  My favorite was a scene where two guys are in jail together and they were locked together in a stockade like device by the neck.  Zombies surround their cell and one of the men gets bitten and turns into a zombie while the other guy doesn’t.  The survivor then spends the entire night attempting to avoid being pushed against the gates of the cell as his dead cellmate continues to pursue him.

Kingdom is an excellent new series and welcome addition to the zombie genre.  It’s got a solid plot, top-notch acting, and genuinely creepy scenes that set it apart from similar zombie shows.



The Umbrella Academy

the umbrella academy

Netflix’s The Umbrella Academy is the networks newest comic book superhero series.  Following a mysterious unexplained phenomenon in 1989, forty-three previously not pregnant women across the world spontaneously give birth at the same time.  Seven of these babies are adopted by eccentric billionaire Reginald Hargreeves as he founds the Umbrella Academy with the intent to train them to save the world from a coming apocalyptic event.TUA_101_Unit_00831.0

Hargreeves unfortunately, isn’t the best caregiver and his detached and uncaring personality leads to the children growing into very dysfunctional adults.  Each has their own problems and personal demons to overcome as they’re reunited for the first time in years following Hargreeves unexpected death.


It’s a series that combines good story writing, character development, and visuals.  It’s not your typical costumed superheroes beating up bad guys schtick.  It’s a broken family who happens to have super powers struggling to overcome their differences and their past to save the world together.  It’s a new and welcome addition to Netflix’s take on superhero TV shows and I hope for similar ventures in the future that bring to life more comics outside of DC and Marvel characters.





Two American college students set out backpacking across Europe, they meet a man from Iceland that the two quickly befriend.  After getting kicked out of a nightclub and subsequently finding themselves with no place to stay after their hostel is closed they spend the night with a stranger.  His stories about the fun times and beautiful women in Slovakia convince the trio to travel there next.  Unfortunately the group finds out certain things are too good to be true.


Hostel starts off with a painful buildup.  The entire first half of the movie is essentially American Pie, we follow three guys as they do as much drugs and prostitutes as they can as they travel across Europe.  Seriously, you’d think that you were watching a bad comedy movie if you went into this blind.  The first half should have been spent more on character development as all three characters are extremely shallow and we don’t get to know enough about them to care.  There’s the moral compass, the goofy European, and the generic guy that speaks German.  Outside of that there is nothing more to their characters.  The second half of the film is where things really pick up.  One by one the friends are taken and sold to rich benefactors in order to be brutally tortured and killed.  These scenes are gruesome and gory and tend to fly by, maybe because they had to be condensed to half of a film following what happens in the first half.  The second features some really good set design and special effects.  There is plenty of gore and the acting definitely picks up as things get intense.  The best part in my opinion was when the protagonist gets revenge on the guy that recommended they visit Slovakia and the women that set them up.  It’s rare to see that kind of thing happen and it was pretty hilarious.

Overall, Hostel turned out to be a good movie.  It has a first half that’s extremely forgettable and feels misplaced for a horror movie.  The second half is above average and does some pretty good things for the genre, it almost makes up for the first half but not quite.  Still its a decent movie and worthy of a watch.



Don’t Knock Twice

Dont Knock Twice

A successful sculptor and her new husband take in her estranged teenage daughter to their new home.  Little do they know, the girl is fleeing the wrath of an ancient spirit she initially believed to be nothing more than an urban legend.  Together, mother and daughter fight to find the answers that will put the legend to rest and save their lives.


Don’t Knock Twice follows the groundwork of nearly every ghost movie that’s ever come before it.  Girl does something to upset ghost, she spends the movie trying to convince others whats happening, she uncovers a secret that explains the motivations of the spirit after her.  This movie hits all of those points and doesn’t really do anything to set itself apart from the rest of the generic ghost movies.

There’s certain things that have no explanation and are just downright stupid.  For instance, girl invokes the curse with her boyfriend by knocking twice on the door to the haunted house.  Within a day the boyfriend is taken by the ghost while it takes multiple days, maybe even a week or two before the girl is.  The ghost also takes its victims to the spirit dimension where they remain until it eats them or something.  The thing that makes no sense to me is that the girl and her boyfriend had a childhood friend that was also taken by the ghost when they were all children only to be eaten in front of the girl when she arrived.  So the ghost kept this kid there, who didn’t age, for nearly a decade before eating him for reasons that weren’t explained.  The people taken to the ghost dimension are also still alive, as they can exit back to the real world, like the protagonists do, and yet we see glimpses of the boyfriend being in the dimension and yet no one seems to care.  In fact, after he’s taken early on in the movie the daughter literally never mentions him.  For someone she grew up with and eventually started dating she sure forgot about him quick.  The movie also ends abruptly as the mother is shown to have become the ghosts slave in the real world.  These were all just instances of poor writing to me that drug the movie down.

Overall, Don’t Knock Twice isn’t a good movie.  I thought the Babayaga ghost looked cool and creepy at times.  The design was kind of like a combination of the ghost from the grudge and Slenderman.  The rest of the movie is generic and downright bad at times with an ending that’s a slap in the face as it just leaves you with more questions that the director assumes you’ll tune into the sequel to find out.





On the eve of D-day the remains of an American paratrooper division try to carry out a crucial mission to help the allies.  Trapped behind enemy lines in France the group finds themselves surrounded by German soldiers as they try to remain hidden.  As the group approaches their destination they come to realize that the Germans have a supernatural weapon that they’ve kept hidden here.

Overlord is a movie that attempts to mesh together different genres to varying degrees of success.  It’s primarily a war movie with a lot of action and elements of thriller and horror sprinkled in.  The war scenes in the movie were pretty generic.  Now that doesn’t mean that they were bad, if you’ve seen any war movie based around WWII you’ve seen this movies war scenes.  I found myself expecting more horror based on what was shown in the trailer.  Unfortunately, what horror there is doesn’t come to fruition until the second half of the film and even then its still diluted with action sequences.  I wanted to see more of what the Nazis were experimenting with but we get a quick glimpse before the protagonist runs away.

Overall, this isn’t a bad movie, but I expected more from it.  The acting was solid, the story was good, and the visuals were good.  Although the first half of the film was ok, the second half seemed to drag at times, culminating in a predictable fight with the big bad and rounding out with a cheesy happy ending.  It’s definitely watchable but not really memorable.