With the recent releases of Call of Duty: Black Ops and the new Medal of Honor there’s been a lot of speculation in the gaming world which one is better of the two. I do own both and I have played both and I have beat both campaign modes, I have yet to try out the multiplayer but I do hear good things from both games.  While waiting for the games to be released I tried to read up as much as I could on both of the games. Many people’s reviews on Medal of Honor that I had read were really disappointing, considering I have been a huge fan of Medal of Honor since its first release in 1999. Because I have been a fan of Medal of Honor I decided to take those reviews with a grain of salt and I purchased Medal of Honor the day it came out. I was really glad I didn’t listen to the various reviews that I read, I was very pleased with Medal of Honor. Many people were disappointed with Medal of Honor, because they were comparing it to Call of Duty. Unfortunately it’s hard to compare the two because lets face it they’re two entirely different games as well as  entirely different gameplay. Sure there is the same first person shooter concept, but I really think both games held up well on their own. So instead of debating in this blog about which game is better, I am going to elaborate why I believe each game is equally awesome.

Medal of Honor (2010)

With the Medal of Honor series always taking place during World War II it was nice to get a Medal of Honor with a present day theme. Taking place in 2002 during the war with Afghanistan you fight the Taliban in various Afghanistan mountain regions. The game starts out with a good story line keeping you involved with the characters and the action. The first thing I noticed that I missed so much about the Medal of Honor series was the option to select the fire mode on your weapon whether it’s semi auto, full auto, or three round burst. I liked this about the game because it is an easy way to conserve ammo while running through the various missions. The overall detail of the game from the design of the characters to the weapons design made the game that much better. The levels were designed to be fast paced and with loads of action. Whether it was traveling on an ATV through the mountains of Afghanistan, blowing up a Taliban strong hold with an Apache attack chopper, or calling in positions for your bombers to devastate, the game is sure to thrill you.  I would like to divulge more information but I don’t want to reveal any spoilers.

Call of Duty: Black Ops

This game was definitely a different take on war. It was nice to see Call of Duty take a page out of the Cold War era, since as far as I know there really hasn’t been a first person shooter known to take place during the Cold War. You fight in a couple of different areas, such as Cuba, Vietnam, Russia, and even a flashback episode during World War II. The storyline is pretty good although sometimes a bit confusing, until the very end when everything is tied together.  The detail that went into the weapons, characters,  and gameplay is I believe what made the game that much better. Not to mention the all-star cast voicing the characters such as Ed Harris, Topher Grace, and Ice Cube. The levels were designed to keep you involved and made the gameplay very fast paced.  Not to mention the game brings back the ever so popular zombies mode. But instead of World War II characters, you play as either Nixon, JFK, McNamara, or Castro and you are battling the forces of the undead in the Pentagon. I would like to divulge more information but I don’t want to reveal any spoilers.


Whether you’re a hardcore Call of Duty fan or a hardcore Medal of Honor fan, both of these games are sure to excite and amaze. Both games keep the player fully engrossed in the action and the storyline. Playing through both of these games I just kept wanting more I really hope Medal of Honor is bringing out another game and I am waiting on the highly anticipated Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 set to be released sometime in 2011. I think the amount of detail and action that both games offer make these two games a must have in any gamers arsenal.

-Jake L.-