COD: Ghosts’ – 5 New Multiplayer Options


I’m sure every gamer out there is anticipating the release of Call of Duty: Ghosts on 11/5/2013. While I would prefer to play Battlefield 3 over Call of Duty, I am really looking froward to COD: Ghosts. That is because Activision Blizzard Inc. is boasting 5 new game options for multiplayer. These new multiplayer options include: Girl Power, Map Quest, Dirty Dog, Crank and File, and Hear Me Now.

GIRL POWER: For the first time in Call of Duty multiplayer mode, players now have a choice between male and female soldiers. It’s just one of the very many customization options for your character in multiplayer mode. Many other types of personalization options will include race, body type, gear and different styles of clothing.

MAP QUEST: Unlike the multiplayer maps in previous Call of Duty games, Ghosts multiplayer maps will include ever changing environments. Specifically there are certain tricks that players can do to trigger such events to dramatically alter the map. Some of this tricks can be very simple to very elaborate. Such as a closed door blocking access to a secret hideaway, or something such as a gas station that if ignited can easily explode and massacre any nearby enemies.

DIRTY DOG: (This is the mode that I am really excited about) This is introduced as one of the 20 new “killstreak” rewards. This is based on the dog character Riley, the German Shepherd who helps you out throughout the single player campaign. Your companion will growl at approaching enemies to warn you, he will also scout the battlefield for you and take out any nearby enemies who get to close for comfort.

CRANK AND FILE: There are 7 different multiplayer modes coming to COD: Ghosts, but the most intense and anticipated game mode is called “Cranked”. I assume they got the idea from the movie Crank starring Jason Statham. But the gameplay is pretty simple and a pretty cool idea on how to make Call of Duty gameplay even more fast paced and intense. For each kill a player gets they get “cranked”. The players reload time and movement speed increases, but the catch is there is a 30-second countdown clock. If that clock reaches zero before the player can get another kill to reset the clock back to 30 seconds, the player will spontaneously explode.

HEAR ME NOW: The game developers are boasting more realistic sound effects. The sound effects will closely resemble what they actually sound like in the real world. Such as gun shots fired in a large metal filled container will sound much different from gun shots fired in an enclosed carpeted room environment. The battle chatter has become more realistic also; such as teammates calling out grenades or calling out enemies that appear near specific landmarks.

While I have yet to actually pre-order this game, not on my pre-order list, I am very eager to play it and see how all these different options enhance the multiplayer gameplay in Call of Duty: Ghosts.  If you have preordered the game already and the anticipation is just killing you, I added a short video of some of the crank gameplay that will be in Call of Duty: Ghosts. Enjoy!