Best Concert Ever!

I was one of the lucky ones this past weekend to go see Rammstein in concert at Madison Square Garden. I was also one of the very few lucky ones to actually get an exclusive concert t-shirt. I had to wait in line for 2 hours but it was well worth the wait. Most of the merchandise was sold out within the first hour of the merchandise stands opening.
With a sold out show and such a popular venue as Madison Square Garden Rammstein knew they had to deliver, and I have to say they did not disappoint. This was a band that knew they had to make this big, especially after selling out the tickets in less than 30 minutes. After not touring on U.S. soil for about 10 years, many of us die hard Rammstein fans were awaiting this very moment. Everything was perfect, the band, the stage, the lighting, the pyrotechnics, the crowd, and the place where the concert was being held. There’s nothing like singing along with your favorite band with +40,000 other people. Every single song that Rammstein played the crowd was singing along at the top of their lungs, including me. Their stage theatrics were amazing and well coordinated with the songs that they were playing. They devised an awesome set list from all of their albums, which I like the best because lets face it the classics never die.


Their set list included:
Waidmanns Heil
Keine Lust
Weisses Fleisch
Feuer Frei
Wiener Blut
Frühling In Paris
Ich Tu Dir Weh
Du Riescht So Gut
Links 234
Du Hast
Track 8 from Liebe ist für alle da
Ich Will


If Rammstein plans on stopping in the U.S. again for 2011 I will definitely be there.  I really hope they are planning on setting aside some 2011 dates for the U.S. This concert was a recorded concert and  they are supposedly releasing it on DVD in April of 2011, I am going to pre-order that if that option is available so I can relive the concert over and over again. The concert was so amazingly awesome that I wish I could post the whole concert on here for people to view. Because I can’t, I grabbed a video from youtube of them performing the last song of the concert Engel.
Watch and be amazed!!!

I had such an amazing time in New York and at the concert, I met so many people from around the world that were there to see Rammstein. Even the people that I met that didn’t speak English we both understood Rammstein and thumbs up or number 1. It was so awesome to be with so many people from around the world and all have one thing in common, that we were all there to see Rammstein and all loved the band.

-Jake L.-


One thought on “Best Concert Ever!

  1. Oh man! I am so sad that I didn’t get this shirt. It was a phenomenal show!!! I thought that Rammstein will come back next year but I have a feeling that Liebe ist für alle da! was their last album. Proud that I attended their show – I will never forget this feeling!

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